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MAXSPORTSPRO is founded in 2020, located in Shandong, the factory covers an area of 6000㎡ square meters with a large storage space, in addition ,we have gymnasiums and large exhibition halls in the factory park. MaxSportsPro have our own R&D department, inspection department, weaving, sewing and packaging workshop and so on. We have a special sample workshop, which is used to flexibly meet the sample production needs of customers, as well as our monthly new product task.MaxSportsPro mainly produces: body protectors, such as knee support, wrist support, elbow support, back support, waist support, neck support with CE, OEKO-TEX, STANDARD 100, ISO 9001, BSCI and other certificates. MaxSportsPro have gymnasiums and large exhibition halls in the factory park.


Factory Area




Production Machines


Monthly Output



Manufacturing process

MAXSPORTSPRO has a complete production process and advanced process equipment to ensure the quality of each product.


After the PP sample is confirmed, we will arrange the production of the mass goods. Arrange production machines according to the characteristics of the product, circular knitting machine or flat knitting machine.



After the production on the machine, we will uniformly cut the thread of the product. At the same time, a preliminary inspection of the product is carried out to ensure product quality.


Adding Accessories

Many braces require additional accessories to achieve further protective support performance. We can add any accessories you want to add. Shown in the picture is the spring bar attachment for the knee pad.



What is produced by the machine is not a finished product and needs to be processed again. We will perform a seaming process on it, so that the produced protective gear is not easy to curl.



After the finished products come out, the next step is packaging. If there is a need for packaging design, you need to wait for the custom packaging production before packaging, and then packing.



Before shipment, our QC team will do the last inspection and replace unqualified products to ensure the quality of all products.


Production workshop display

MAXSPORTSPRO boasts six production workshops, ensuring a seamless production chain.

Sample Workshop

We have a dedicated sample workshop for flexible and efficient cooperation with customers, develop and manufacture new products.

Production Workshop

Advanced machines and professional employees work together to form an efficient production line to provide customers with high-quality products.

Sewing Workshop

We are committed to providing high-quality sewing services, ensuring that each product is carefully crafted to bring customers comfortable, durable and stylish products to meet their high standard needs.

Packaging Workshop

We have a professional packaging team and modern equipment to ensure that each product is carefully packaged before shipment, and are committed to providing customers with safe, attractive and satisfactory packaging solutions.

Quality Control Workshop

The QC of the quality control team is the last step for products to leave the warehouse.They conduct strict inspection and testing to ensure that each product meets high quality standards.

Storage Workshop

We have a factory area of more than 30,000 square meters. This super large storage space not only shares the storage pressure for customers, but also realizes cargo combination and consolidation service.

Production equipment display

To ensure product quality, we have many advanced production equipment

Equipment name:Knotting machine

Number of equipment:6

Equipment process content:Knotting at product joints

Knotting Machine

Equipment name:Computer microcontroller

Number of equipment:24

Equipment process content:Summer knee pads

Computer Microcontroller

Equipment name:Computerized flat knitting machine

Number of equipment:12

Equipment process content:Knitting sweaters, gloves, hats, knee pads, shoulder pads, waist pads

Computerized Flat Knitting Machine

Equipment name:Pattern Machine

Number of equipment:20

Equipment process content:Automated sewing, efficiently produce various types of protective gear

Pattern Machine

Equipment name:Zigzag Sewing Machine

Number of equipment:30

Equipment process content:Anti-slip strips, hemming

Zigzag Sewing Machine

Equipment name:Overlock Sewing Machine

Number of equipment:10

Equipment process content:Product edge seaming

Overlock Sewing Machine

Equipment name:Four-needle six-thread sewing machine

Number of equipment:8

Equipment process content:Double-sided splicing

Four-needle six-thread sewing machine

Equipment name:Overlocking Coverstitch Machine

Number of equipment:8

Equipment process content:Encrypted product edge locking

Overlocking Coverstitch Machine

Equipment name:Flat sewing machine

Number of equipment:12

Equipment process content:Seam, Sewing leather label and cloth label……

Flat sewing machine

Product testing services

MAXSPORTSPRO QC team provides free inspection services. The free inspection is for the following three items. In addition, we also accept third-party inspections. However, the cost of third-party inspection is borne by the customer.

The PP Sample

The first time is to confirm the quality after the sample production of the bulk.


The second time is to confirm the quality in the mid-production.

Before Shippment

The third time is to confirm the quality before shipment.

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