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CEO MaxSportsPro Story

MaxSportsPro's Journey Empowered by Sport

Sports is an integral part of my life, and supporting and helping those in need is another essential aspect. I consider myself fortunate to seamlessly integrate these two aspects into my work.

The Founding Essence Behind MaxSportsPro

To me, sports is not just a form of fitness but also a way of life. It empowers me with strength, confidence, and happiness. I firmly believe that sports can transform lives, bringing physical and mental well-being and happiness. It is this love for sports that led me to establish MaxSportsPro, a sports equipment manufacturing factory, dedicated to providing care and support to sports enthusiasts.

We understand that sports can have adverse effects on the body. Therefore, health and safety have always been the utmost values of our company. Our products are designed to protect athletes from harm. We prioritize innovation and technology, constantly developing the latest sports protection solutions, to fulfill our mission of providing caring support and protection to those who love sports.

Appreciating our Partners for Their Unwavering Support

On the journey of MaxSportsPro's growth, numerous people have supported and helped me. They include our suppliers, our hardworking team, and the many customers who choose MaxSportsPro. Hence, I deeply appreciate those who trust, inspire, and support us on life's path. It is because of these individuals that both the MaxSportsPro team and I are passionate about our work, finding happiness even in the face of challenges.

MaxSportsPro Empowering Society

MaxSportsPro's success fills us with pride. We not only support sports enthusiasts but also offer assistance within our capacity to those who love life and need help. We prioritize sustainability and actively support environmental conservation in our manufacturing processes. Within MaxSportsPro, we have dedicated sports facilities for our employees. Additionally, we have established an education fund for underprivileged children and donated sports equipment and MaxSportsPro protective gear to students in African schools. Being a contributing individual and providing support to more people is the true meaning of MaxSportsPro's success for me.

MaxSportsPro sports protective gear

Towards the Future with Purpose

We respect established successful companies while also believing in the potential of emerging small enterprises. When we share a common mission of providing caring support and protection to those who love sports, we uphold strict service standards for established sports equipment brands and offer comprehensive support to small and medium-sized sellers. Let us join hands and work together to achieve this shared goal, creating a better future for our society.

Brand slogan

Love Sports, Caring Support

Conveys the love for sports and care for athletes. We are committed to providing high-quality sports protective gear to professional athletes to ensure they can fully enjoy the fun of sports while avoiding injuries. This slogan represents our passion for sports and our concern and support for physical health and safety of athletes

"Sports"emphasizes our love and dedication to sports. We believe that sports can change people's lives and bring them physical and mental health and happiness.

"Pro"stands for professionalism, which means improving the professional protection level of sports, and also shows that we have profound professional knowledge and experience in the field of sports protective gear manufacturing.

A Team Passionate About Sports

Driven by our love of sport, we work together to design exceptional sports protection

Sales Department

The Sales Department is our forward. They are responsible for connecting with customer, negotiating the details of products. If you have any question, you can contact your sales representative who is connected with you.

Each of them is experienced and knows everything about customizing sports protective gear like the back of their hands.

Design and R&D Department

Our Design and R&D Department coordinates with our customers before the manufacture of the PP sample. They are responsible for the design of customer’s product and packaging. They will also provide some feasible suggestions if customers do not need our design service.

In addition, they are also responsible for launching new products every month, mainly to adjust the function of the protective gear, and to develop new selling points. These products are also provided to our customers as reference designs.

Production Department

Our factory equips a professional manufacturing team. There are 100 employees. We have a full set of production equipment from weaving, cutting, pressing, sewing to packaging.Our workers all go through special training before taking up their jobs, so as to operate all kinds of machines quickly.

On-time delivery can not do without their effort. Their professional and efficient production service has won us the favor of many customers.

QC Department

Our QC team is the most important department. The results of their work are directly related to whether the products are qualified and whether these products can be shipped on time. They offer free inspection service. There are three free inspections:

  • The first time is after the sample production of the bulk;
  • The second time is in the mid-production;
  • The third time is before shipment.

VIP Customer Service Department

We have a special team serving VIP customers. You don't have to worry about how to cooperate with us. Our team will guide you step-by-step what to do next, when we will report back on the results and help you track the status of your order.

From receiving the order, this team will provide professional and considerate services for you until the end. Additionally, your sales representative will also be with you at all times.

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